Sonntag, 20. Januar 2013

Minority Films in Rio de Janeiro, helping Carlos with his amazing story "As bodas"

Winter 2010 in Berlin but summer in Rio de Janeiro. Minority Films' founder, and director Gabriel was on one of his regular visits to Rio de Janeiro when he was offered this great opportunity to participate in "As bodas" from the Portuguese director Carlos Lima. The sound director had to be replaced on short notice and Theo, a Cariocan friend asked Gabriel if he could help their crew out. Providing his experience from many shorts in Germany and Spain, "As bodas" should become the next international cooperation between the non-profit organization "Minority Films" and the team surrounding Carlos Lima.

Regina Sampaio supported the short movie with her excellence, and many years of experience from theater shows in Rio de Janeiro. She is well know beyond the Cariocan area, and has become a good friend during the shooting of this movie. All of the crew's members offered Gabriel a incredibly warm welcome, and the weekend in Niterói was unforgetable not only because of the "rough" motorcicle ride over the long bridge with heavy winds and passing-by trucks. Theo managed to bring them home savely, but the experience is not recommended. Thank you Theo, for your driving skills, and Calos for the great time I could share with some great guys from the "cidade maravilhosa". Feel free to come and visit Minority Films anytime in Berlin!

See some of the many pictures taken by Gabriel of the making of behind the scenes.

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